Allora Gosling, Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartment, B1 floor plan

Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartment

At Allora Gosling, we give you a special place to call home with our B1 floor plan, a two-bedroom luxury apartment. This layout is perfect for people from all walks of life and works great for small families, too. With 1,190 SF of spacious living space, you’ve got plenty of room to stretch out. Whether you’re a busy professional or spending quality time with loved ones, this floor plan adapts to your lifestyle.

B1: Luxury Two-Bedroom Floor Plan

Our B1 floor plan has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, making sure everyone has their own space. No more waiting your turn for the bathroom in the morning! Whether you’re getting ready for work or preparing the kids for school, the dual bathrooms make mornings a breeze. You can relax in your own room or come together in the shared living spaces. It’s your choice, and with all this room, you can live however you want.

All the Cool Stuff You Need

Step inside, and you’ll see how modern and well-designed everything is. The kitchen comes with everything you need to make a tasty meal or even just a quick snack. From ample counter space to high-quality appliances, your cooking sessions will be a joy. You won’t have to worry about running out of room to store your things either. The B1 floor plan has style and makes your life easier every day.

Live the Good Life

We built the B1 floor plan at Allora Gosling to help you live a great life. The layout is easy to move around in, and everything is set up to improve your daily life. From the well-placed kitchen island to the convenient laundry area, every inch works to make your life easier. You’ll find it easy to relax, have fun, and enjoy being at home.

So, what are you waiting for? Your new two-bedroom luxury apartment offers a great home with lots of space and all the desired features. Schedule a tour and make it your home today!